Volta Hall Launches 65th Anniversary at Annual Thanksgiving Service

As an annual tradition, alumnae, fellows, resident students, and friends of Volta Hall held a Thanksgiving Service in recognition of the strides made over the past year. The Service was also used to launch the 65th anniversary celebration of the Hall.

The Thanksgiving Service, which was under the theme, “Raising Voices in Thankfulness: Praising God in Style,” was moderated by Rev. Mrs. Agnes Phillips, with Rev. Mrs. Abena Boamah Asare delivering the sermon for the occasion.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Mrs. Margaret Amankwah-Poku, the Hall Warden, warmly welcomed distinguished alumnae, junior members, staff and management members to the Service. Expressing gratitude for the gathering, she highlighted the uniqueness of the occasion and the significance of coming together to honour God's goodness and protection.

Dr. Amankwah-Poku acknowledged the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, noting the fallow period without the service and the joy in finally being able to gather for the special occasion.

Volta Hall Warden, Dr. Mrs. Margaret Amankwah-Poku

She announced the privilege of launching the 65th anniversary celebration of Volta Hall, praising the Hall's role in grooming ladies with vision and style over the past 64 years. The chosen theme, "Raising our voices in thankfulness, praising God in style," reflects the decision to celebrate God's goodness and mercies over the years. Dr. Amankwah-Poku expressed excitement about the opportunity to recount past blessings and commit the coming years into God's hands, emphasising the theme's resonance with the collective celebration of internal and external stakeholders who have contributed to the enduring legacy of Volta Hall.

Delivering the sermon for the day, Rev. Mrs. Abena Boamah Asare underscored the substantial significance of Thanksgiving, stressing its transformative power in fostering gratitude and unity among the Volta Hall Alumnae and students.

Rev. Mrs. Asare encouraged the attendees to reflect on the blessings and milestones that have shaped the journey of Volta Hall over the past 65 years. She highlighted that gratitude, when expressed collectively, strengthens the bonds of fellowship and enriches the sense of community among alumnae, current residents and friends of the Hall.

Rev. Mrs. Abena Boamah Asare

Drawing inspiration from the theme of Thanksgiving, Rev. Mrs. Asare underlined the positive impact of a grateful heart on individual well-being and the overall harmony of the community. She urged everyone to carry the spirit of thanksgiving beyond the ceremony and foster a culture of appreciation in their daily lives.

Furthermore, Rev. Mrs. Asare reflected on the visionaries and pioneers who laid the foundation for Volta Hall, expressing gratitude for their dedication and foresight. She encouraged the current leadership to draw inspiration from the Hall's history as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Volta Hall Alumnae President, Mrs. Lydia Amamoo, for her part called for collective action to uphold the legacy of Volta Hall.

She urged, "As we celebrate this Thanksgiving, let us pledge to carry the flame of Volta Hall's excellence into the future. Let us be the catalysts that nurture the next generation of women leaders, women who will, like those who came before them, make global indelible marks."

Regarding the anniversary, Mrs. Amamoo, stated, "As we celebrate the past, let us also turn our gaze to the future to reminisce and to chart a course for the next 65 years and beyond." Her words reflected a commitment to honouring the Hall's history while actively shaping its future.

Volta Hall Alumnae President, Mrs. Lydia Amamoo

She encouraged graduates to consider joining the Volta Hall Alumnae Association, noting that it is not only as an association but as a sisterhood for fostering growth, nurturing ambitions, and empowering women to make a meaningful impact globally.

As part of the celebration, various year groups were recognised, with special attention given to the 1959 to the 1964 year group, which were the pioneer residents of Volta Hall. This acknowledgment served as a tribute to the pioneers who laid the foundation for the Hall's longstanding legacy.

Distinguished figures among the pioneer residents, including Dr. Sylvia Boye, Prof. Florence Dolphyne and Dr. Christine Amoako-Nuamah, graced the occasion, adding a touch of historical significance to the event. They took turns to share experiences from their days as residents of the Hall.

A group photograph of some senior members of the Volta Hall Alumnae Association 

Dr. Victoria Osei-Bonsu, a fellow of the Hall, officially launched the 65th anniversary while encouraging all alumnae and students to actively participate in the activities lined up for the anniversary. An appeal for funds was also launched to gather resources for the implementation of projects earmarked for the Hall.

Dr. Victoria Osei-Bonsu, a fellow of the Hall, officially launched the 65th anniversary.

The Thanksgiving Service marked the beginning of a series of events planned for the 65th-anniversary celebrations. The celebration is symbolic of the continued commitment to the Hall's rich history and enduring connections among its members.