UG Researcher Makes Giant Strides in HIV Research

Dr. Jerry Joe Harrison, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS), has developed a breakthrough recipe that enabled stable HIV Pol expression, 40 years after the discovery of HIV. The HIV Polyprotein must be stable before the structure can be determined.

Dr. Harrison, together with his collaborators from Rutgers University and Salk Institute in the United States have subsequently published a cutting-edge research paper on Structural Studies of HIV Polyprotein, a key protein that helps the HIV virus to multiply and propagate. The paper, published in Science Advances, has received world-wide recognition.

With the molecular structure of this important protein unraveled, Dr. Jerry Joe Harrison, co-first author of the paper and the team of scientists from USA believe this will be a major contributor to the development of new anti-HIV drugs.

Ayeekoo to Dr. Jerry Joe Harrison!

Read the paper here: