FCOS 415:Management of Food Service Systems


The course aims at enabling the student to have a comprehensive appraisal of all elements involved in good management of food service systems. Areas to be covered will include food service systems and their development; food service organization and management - This will include discussions on Theories of organization; Types of organizations; Functions of management, Tools of management, Scheduling of employees, and Work improvement; Personnel Management  - The employment process involving recruitment and Selection; the worker on the job with emphasis on orientation, training, work standard and productivity, performance, promotion and transfer, routine supervision and decision- making; Cost Control  -    Factors affecting cost control such as Food costs, Labour costs, Operating and other expenses, Records for control including Procurement and receiving records, Storage and storeroom, control, Production and services, Dining room records, Cash transaction, Operating and maintenance, and Personnel cost control records; Reports as a Management Tool including Budget planning, Financial reports, and Annual reports.