Head of Department's Welcome

Thank you for visiting the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCOS) website to familiarize yourself with the programme and the opportunities it offers. I am privileged to lead a program that I myself enrolled in when I was a student at University of Ghana in 1979. 

The programme, which was started in 1966 with eight female science students and three senior members, has grown over the years in terms of student as well as academic and supporting staff numbers. From its small beginnings, the Department has revolutionalized the concept of Home Economics Education in Ghana from the narrow perspective of cooking, sewing and general housecraft. It now has an enviable broader curriculum of teaching and research that embraces programmes in consumerism and livelihood issues, gender and environment as well as contemporary and emerging issues of the family and human development at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

I am convinced that the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences programme at Legon is the best when it comes to undergraduate and graduate training in family and consumer sciences in Ghana. Because the programme provides strong interdisciplinary training in all aspects of contemporary family and consumer issues, graduates from the Department are increasingly in very high demand by both Government and Non Governmental Organizations that are engaged in livelihood issues.

I am excited that you are interested in the programme and I hope that you will take some time to explore the incredible opportunities offered at this website and look forward to welcoming you to become a part of the FCOS family.


Christina Antwiwaa Nti

Associate Professor & Head of Department