MCBI 620: Seminar II

MCBI 610: Seminar I

MCBI 608: Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

The course aims to teach the principles and practical approaches for the use of molecular laboratory techniques to address problems in the epidemiology of infectious diseases. These will include the use of molecular techniques in investigations of disease...

MCBI 606: Antimicrobial Therapeutics: Molecular Mechanisms and Concepts

This course is aimed at teaching concepts in drug discovery and development. Various types of drugs will be characterized: agonist/antagonists, biologics, protein/non-protein drugs, small molecule drugs. Where possible, their mechanisms will be described:...

MCBI 604: Host and Pathogen Genomics

This course aims to introduce students to the principles and tools for genomic and proteomic study of host-pathogen interactions. To that end it will discuss the content of multiple genomes elucidating their functions and organization. The course will also...

MCBI 602: Eukaryotic Infections: Protozoan, Helminthic and Fungal

This course will aim to teach the biology of eukaryotic pathogens with an emphasis on the molecular mechanisms underlying pathogen success. Treatments will elucidate diseases caused by both protozoan parasites (e.g., Plasmodia, Trypanosomes, Leishmania, and...

MCBI 600: Thesis

Each student will undertake a major research project and present a written dissertation. In addition, students will present an oral defence of their thesis.

MCBI 603: Experimental Microbiology

This laboratory course aims at providing practical training and experience in the methods and practices necessary for a successful career in microbiology. Work will include: growth and characterization of various microbial organisms that are representative of...

MCBI 601 : Bacterial and Viral Infections

This course aims to provide insight on bacterial and viral infections that are major public health concerns in sub-Saharan Africa. Aspects to be discussed will include the biology of the pathogen, the pathogenesis of its infection, the pathophysiology of the...

ENTO 606 : Disease Vectors of Medical and Veterinary Importance