MCBI 606: Antimicrobial Therapeutics: Molecular Mechanisms and Concepts


This course is aimed at teaching concepts in drug discovery and development. Various types of drugs will be characterized: agonist/antagonists, biologics, protein/non-protein drugs, small molecule drugs. Where possible, their mechanisms will be described: inhibitors of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis, inhibitors of nucleic acids, inhibitors of metabolism, anti-mycobacterials agents, antiviral agents, antiparasitic agents, anti-helminthes, microbiocides. Recent work on novel therapeutic approaches and delivery methods, on drug recycling, host process targeting, and the use of modified peptides will be described. The course will also cover the complexities of antimicrobial therapy. Finally, we will examine mechanisms of resistance to antimicrobials, the biosynthesis of antimicrobials, ending with an overview of commercial drug development and the phases of clinical trials