PHAR 124 Pharmaceutical Microbiology I

This course will expose students to bacteriology, virology, mycology and parasitology. Bacteriology will
cover the historical; classification and nomenclature; structure and function; culture media; growth
requirements, dynamics of growth; mode of reproduction; simple identification procedures; Gram staining
and important biochemical diagnostic methods. Virology will cover structure of a viruses, bacteriophage
cultivation techniques; assays; mode of replication of animal virus and bacteriophage; virulent or
avirulent form; lysogeny; transduction and recombination interference. Mycology will cover the basic
principles; yeasts and moulds; morphological characteristics, growth requirements, multiplication and
reproduction; isolation, cultivation and microscopic examination; and economic importance. Parasitology
will focus on morphology, life cycles and classifications of human and animal parasites; parasite infections of humans e.g. nematodes, trematodes, cetodes and protozoa.