SAMP 201: Sample Course Title

Objective: The course is intended to introduce students to the importance of this sample course.

SAMP 101: Sample Course 1

Objective: The course is intended to introduce students to the importance of this sample course.

PHAR122: Mathematics for Pharmacy II (Prerequisite PHAR 121)

This course is designed to enable students appreciate the importance of mathematics and its application in
the pharmacy. Discussions will cover zero, second and third-order reactions focusing on rate equations,
their solutions and half-life. Discussions...

PHAR121: Mathematics for Pharmacy I

This course will establish the relevance of mathematics in pharmacy. Application of mathematical
concepts in pharmaceutical systems and phenomena will be made clear. The topic of differentiation will
be treated and will cover- limits, definition, product,...

PHAR 423 Principles of Pharmaceutics (Prerequisite PHAR 123)

In this course, the student will appreciate the principles of drug design as outlined in pre-formulation and
formulation studies. The course will highlight various techniques in drug formulation studies including
micro and nano-formulations, biotechnology,...

PHAR 421 Applied Immunology

This course will highlight aspects of the applications of immunology in pharmacotherapy. Students will
apply the basic principles of immunology studied in the previous years. Students will appreciate the
immunological basis of the use of immunodiagnostic...

PHAR 420 Pharmaceutics Project

This final year project will be designed to enable the students to demonstrate the scientific skills they
have acquired in the preceding years. A problem of relevance in pharmaceutical science or pharmacy
practice which will require literature search,...

PHAR 324 Principles of Immunology Practical

In this course students will learn practical aspects of the production of immunopharmaceuticals. These
will include: Biologic Immunogens for Active Immunity-vaccines and Toxoids; Biologic Immunogens
for Passive Immunity-Human Immune Sera (Homologous Sera)...

PHAR 323 Pharmaceutical Technology Practical

This course will enable students acquire practical skills necessary for small and medium scale
manufacture of pharmaceutical products in the laboratory. In addition, students will be exposed to real
industrial conditions of pharmaceutical product...

PHAR 322 Principles of Immunology

This course will provide an awareness of the immunological basis of disease and an understanding of
immunotherapy as an aspect of pharmaceutical science. The course will involve a consideration of: the
immune system-characteristics of antigens and...