VC Opens Newly Renovated UG Students Medical Examination Centre

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, has opened the newly renovated University of Ghana students’ medical examination centre.

The facility, located at the basement of the Central Cafeteria, will serve as the venue for the mandatory medical examination exercise for newly admitted students to the University. Equipped with modern medical examination equipment, the centre will enable the University of Ghana Health Services to keep track of newly admitted students' health status.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah-Amfo, expressed her appreciation for the collaborative efforts that contributed to the successful realisation of the project. She lauded the individuals whose hands and minds played a crucial role in bringing the initiative to fruition and noted that their collective dedication reflects a shared commitment to ongoing improvement. Prof. Amfo mentioned that projects such as the renovation of the centre into an ultramodern facility consistently positions the University of Ghana as a distinguished world-class institution.

The Vice-Chancellor further pointed out the transformative impact of the project on students' experiences during medical examinations. She underscored that the project reinforces two of her Key Strategic Objectives which are the advancement of technology-driven and robust processes in research management, teaching, learning and all other institutional operations, including students' medical examinations.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah-Amfo

“It contributes to fostering a sense of ownership and commitment among students, faculty, staff and alumni, thereby promoting creativity and innovation within the University community”, the Vice-Chancellor added.

In recognising the commendable efforts of the University of Ghana Health Services staff, Prof. Amfo expressed gratitude for their outstanding work and dedication to duty. She urged them to manage the facility diligently and stressed the importance of proper stewardship in maintaining the high standards set by the University.

Delivering opening remarks at the brief ceremony to open the facility, Acting Director of University Health Services, Dr. Timothy Senunyeme,  highlighted that the centre will ensure an efficient student medical examination process, ensuring comprehensive health assessments upon enrolling at the University.

He further explained that the medical examination for newly admitted students is a mandatory exercise aimed at assessing student medical status and ensuring their fitness for both undergraduate and graduate programmes. Dr. Senunyeme noted the mandatory exercise is to help identify medical conditions that will affect the general well-being of students.

According to him, the facility has four consulting rooms, two chest X-ray rooms, two dental X-ray rooms and a laboratory. “The medical examination centre will strictly operate on an appointment basis and we hope to cater for twenty-five newly admitted students per hour and a maximum of three hundred students per day.” Dr. Senunyeme announced.

Dr. Timothy Senunyeme, Acting Director of University Health Services

The Acting Director added that, the new facility and equipment will make the process less time consuming and more efficient. He commended the various individuals and teams who contributed to the success of the renovation of the facility.

Chairman of the UG Hospital Management Committee, Prof. Gordon Abekah-Nkrumah, speaking at the event, expressed profound gratitude for the success of the project. He described the project as being part of the Hospital’s effort to transform the operations of the Hospital in line with one of the Vice-Chancellor’s Key Strategic Objectives, which is “streamlining and improving University processes in the ambiance of humanism.”

Prof. Abekah-Nkrumah stated that the University Hospital is seeking to improve services and the first stop is student services. He pledged the commitment of the Hospital Staff to providing excellent service delivery and ensuring students have good experiences while undergoing their medical examinations.

Speaking on behalf of students, Mr. Frank Tsikata, President of the Students’ Representative Council, expressed appreciation to the University of Ghana Health Service for the great work. He stated that the SRC is always willing to support initiatives that concern the improvement of the well-being of students, especially their health.

Mr. Frank Tsikata, UGSRC President

Senior Medical Officer at the University Hospital and Head of the Public Health Unit, Dr. Afua Amoabeng, who delivered the vote of thanks at the event, thanked individuals and groups that supported the project to make it a success. She also acknowledged all present for honoring their invitation.

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