UG and Northeastern University to Team Up to Harness Research Areas of Mutual Interest

The University of Ghana has received a delegation from the Northeastern University (USA). The purpose of the visit was to explore opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships.
Dr. Deborah Atobrah, Director of the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA), extended a warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of Management and gave a brief overview of the University. She also highlighted the significant role CEGENSA has played in students' academic life since its establishment in 2005, noting that the Centre offers three credit courses, with approximately 400 students enrolling each year.
Dr. Deborah Atobrah, Director of the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA)
The delegation from Northeastern University comprised Prof. Uta G. Poiger, Advisor to the Provost on Humanics (team lead); Ed Meehan, Dean's Strategy Council Chair, College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH), Northeastern University and Mrs. Alice Chinebuah Esq., Northeastern University alumna.
In brief remarks, Prof. Poiger noted that the Northeastern University is a private research University with its main campus in Boston, Massachusetts, established in 1898 and funded by the Young Men’s Christian Association. The University was formerly known as Northeastern College.
Prof. Poiger stressed Northeastern University's strong dedication to research and collaboration, echoing a desire to collaborate with the University of Ghana in selected areas of mutual interest. Prof. Poiger discussed the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in global affairs. She expressed gratitude to the UG team for the opportunity to engage in dialogue that will result in future collaborations.
Prof. Uta G. Poiger, Advisor to the Provost on Humanics
The meeting was attended by Prof. Mavis Dako-Gyeke, Dean, School of Social Sciences; Prof. Mary B. Setrana, Director, Centre for Migration Studies and Prof. Samuel Ntewusu, Director, Institute of African Studies, who also took turns to provide information on their respective units and research focus.
Prof. Mary B. Setrana (Left)
Professor Uta G. Poiger distributed brochures containing a QR code linked to the Northeastern University's website and presented a custom bag inscribed with the phrase, "125 years of Experience", to commemorate her university's anniversary.
Dr. Deborah Atobrah who hosted the meeting, expressed appreciation to the delegation from Northeastern University for the visit and expressed optimism for fruitful future collaborations.
Prior to a meeting, the delegation was taken on a tour of UG’s scenic landscapes and iconic buildings.