TEST for Ghana Donors Meet with Beneficiaries at UG

The donors and trustees of the Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust (TEST) for Ghana, have held a meeting with beneficiaries across Ghana at the Executive Hall of the University of Ghana Business School. This meeting was aimed at briefing beneficiaries about the history and activities of the trust as well as building stronger ties with them.

The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust (TEST) for Ghana, a registered charity by Oxford University graduates, is part of UK Charities. Aligned with TEST for Africa's goals, it aims to support academically gifted students in Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, and Tanzania who face financial barriers to tertiary education. Scholars commit to contributing to their country's social and economic development post-graduation. Awards consider need, aptitude, and a pledge for long-term impact. TEST for Africa operates locally in each country with dedicated charities and trustees.

The donor (second from right) and other trustees

The donor, Mr. Loyd Kim, gave a brief history of the Trust. He added that the aim is to aid the social and economic development of Ghana by enabling bright and needy students to receive undergraduate education at Ghanaian Public Universities, against their personal pledge to work for the benefit of their communities and their nation upon graduation.

Mr. Kim added that the unique value preposition of the Trust is that all funds raised are invested in the lives of students through scholarships. This encourages donors to make more contributions for the sustainability of the trust. He motivated the beneficiaries to form strong alumni groups which would help the foundation to grow.

Dr. Leander Kandilige, Senior lecturer at the University of Ghana Centre for Migration Studies, who is a trustee said the trust had supported over 1,300 students in Ghana and two students at Oxford University over the past 15 years. He added that beneficiaries need to create connections with other beneficiaries, as TEST for Ghana was instituted through partnership. Dr. Kandilige also said that there should be a vibrant alumni association which would give them a powerful voice to the board of trustees and in the long run help to share experiences, challenges and advice. He charged the beneficiaries to be mentees to others who need help.

Mr. Roland Azuvugu, a beneficiary who studied on scholarship at Oxford University shared his experience with the beneficiaries. He encouraged the students to take their studies seriously, indicating that a First-Class Degree honors after their undergraduate studies, could offer them opportunities

Past and present beneficiaries of the Trust with Donor and Trustees

The Beneficiaries had an interactive session and deliberated on how best they can give back to the society. In attendance at the meeting were Ms. Heather Asare Awuku and Mr. Emmanuel Mawuli Abalo, both Trustees as well as Mr. Etornam Ekeme Akaoto (Administrator) and Staff of Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO).