Team Led by VC of University of the Gambia Visits UG for Research Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange


The Vice-Chancellor of the University of The Gambia (UTG), Prof. Herbert Robinson, has led a team to undertake a visit to the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) at the University of Ghana (UG).

This follows the successful conclusion of a three-day study tour of UG by a team led by UTG’s Registrar, Dr. Momodou Tarro.

The Vice-Chancellor’s visit was part of efforts by the Gambian University to foster collaboration between UTG and UG, to exchange knowledge and benchmark best practices in research. The primary objective of this collaboration is to promote and facilitate research activities in both institutions, fostering an enriching exchange of ideas and advancements.

Mr. Joseph Oduro Nkansah, Acting Registrar, who welcomed Prof. Robinson on behalf of the University, provided an overview of ORID's role within the University. He emphasised ORID's mission, which revolves around promoting, coordinating and facilitating research endeavors within the University.

Prof. Herbert S. Robinson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Gambia, in highlighting the purpose of their visit, stressed the significance of sharing experiences and learning from UG, especially given that his University is a relatively young institution, having been in existence for about 23 years.

Prof. Robinson expressed a keen interest in gaining a deeper understanding of the practices and initiatives that have contributed to UG's success, in order to implement similar strategies at UTG, stating, "we are here to learn from your own experience."

Mr. Ibrahim Agyemang, the Accounts Officer at ORID, delivered a presentation on the topic, “Budgeting and Financial Management of Grants at ORID.” He shed light on how ORID manages the financial aspects of grants within the University, offering valuable insights into the processes and practices.

During the presentation, Mr. Agyemang underscored the significance of financial management in achieving organisational goals. He explained that “effective financial management involves efficiently obtaining and utilising financial resources to fulfill both short-term and long-term objectives. In the context of grants, financial management plays a critical role in overseeing all financial aspects of a project, including fundraising efforts, accountability, expense control and proper financial record-keeping”.

Mr. Agyemang reiterated that financial objectives consider the perspectives of funders and other stakeholders, such as employees, society and the government.

He also highlighted the necessity of a contract agreement, including a budget, signed by the Pro-Vice Chancellor of ORID, to initiate a project. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the project.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Osainou Corr, Director of Finance at UTG; Mr. Abdoulie Sowe, Project Manager, UTG; Mrs. Cynthia Adu, Deputy Registrar at ORID, UG; Ms. Agnes Baidoo, Assistant Registrar and Public Affairs Officer, COE, UG; Mr. Ezekiel Acquaah from the COE Grants Management Office and other staff members.