School of Agriculture's 1993 Alumni Year Group Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Entrepreneurship Talk and Donation

The International Association of Students of Agriculture & Allied Studies (IAAS) and the Family and Consumer Sciences Students Association (FACSSA) organized a special event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1993 Year Group at the School of Agriculture, University of Ghana.

The commemoration took place as part of the 2023 Green Week Celebration and featured various topics handled by distinguished alumni, Mr. William Ahiadormey Esq. and Dr. Adu Acheampong, both members of the 1993 Year Group.

Dr. Adu Acheampong delivered a motivational speech aimed at inspiring current students studying Agriculture. He highlighted the significance of Agriculture in Africa and underscored the need for more people to be involved in the sector.

Dr. Acheampong also highlighted various challenges within the agricultural sector in Africa, such as inadequate funding, poor infrastructure, pests and diseases, and labour issues, as well as malnutrition and food scarcity, which need immediate attention.

To empower the youth of Ghana, Dr. Adu Acheampong encouraged students to seize available opportunities and have self-belief, which is essential for achieving success in the agricultural sector. He recommended taking advantage of internships and training programs offered by institutions like the Cocoa Research Institute, which provides scholarships and fellowships.

Dr. Adu Acheampong

On the topic of entrepreneurship, Mr. William Awuku Ahiadormey delivered a presentation titled, "How to Start and Sustain Your Own Agri-Business." He emphasized that “entrepreneurs are individuals who initiate and sustain their own businesses, taking risks and reaping the benefits or losses”.

Mr. Ahiadormey guided the students through the process of developing a business idea, considering the needs of others, identifying potential customers, and assessing financial support.

Mr. William Ahiadormey Esq

During the event, the alumni also made a generous donation of a 6,000-litre water storage tank to support irrigation at the School's Demonstration Farm.

The event served as a platform for the alumni to reconnect with their alma mater and share their valuable experiences with current students. The speeches delivered by Dr. Acheampong and Mr. Ahiadormey provided inspiration and valuable insights into the food value chain, encouraging students to embrace entrepreneurship and contribute to the agricultural sector.

Prof. Irene Egyir, the Dean of the School of Agriculture, graced the occasion, alongside other faculty members, students, and alumni of the School.

The 1993 Year Group hopes that their initiative will inspire other organized year groups to offer support during subsequent Green Week Celebrations and contribute to the growth and development of their alma mater.