Newly Refurbished UG Transbeureau Outdoored

The University of Ghana Transbureau, a specialized unit operating within the Departments of French and Modern Languages in the School of Languages, has unveiled its newly refurbished facility.

The Transbureau, has for over twenty (20) years, offered translation and interpretation services in various Ghanaian languages and over ten (10) international languages.

In his opening remarks at the unveiling event, Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, Provost of the College of Humanities and Chairman of the event, expressed his delight in presiding over the relaunch of the Translation Office (UG Transbureau). Prof. Ofori underscored the profound importance of the initiative, characterising it as a significant milestone in the College's journey.

He emphasised the Transbureau's mission to bridge the gap between academia and industry, while nurturing cultural exchange and fostering internationalisation.

The Provost also highlighted the courses in six prominent international languages offered by the University, including French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and Kiswahili. He stressed that the establishment of a Translation Office was a necessity, given the expansive linguistic spectrum covered.

Prof. Ofori further acknowledged the pivotal role the Transbureau plays in supporting Ghana and West Africa through its language services, which facilitates communication, knowledge dissemination and understanding across various disciplines and communities.

While recognising the essential role of the Transbureau, Prof. Ofori candidly noted its relatively subdued visibility within the University community and the broader public. Thus, he articulated the purpose for the Transbureau's relaunch, aiming to heighten awareness about its operations and relevance and making it more accessible and impactful.

Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, Provost of the College of Humanities

Expressing his optimism about the relaunch, Prof. Ofori stated, "It is my conviction that the Transbureau will be better positioned to respond to the needs of society, while seeking to be a centre of excellence for translation services in Africa." He reaffirmed the University's commitment to language learning, translation, and interpretation services, further enriching the institution's dedication to these domains.

Prof. Ofori extended his gratitude to the devoted faculty members, staff and students for their relentless efforts which culminated in realising the reinvigorated vision of the Departments. He also paid a special tribute to Dr. V.A.O. Lamptey, whose pioneering initiative in 2004, laid the foundation for the Transbureau's evolution. He acknowledged the collective contributions of Mr. Bokomi, Prof. Robert Yennah, and Dr. Emmanuel Kuto in sustaining Dr. Lamptey's vision.

Urging all stakeholders to rally behind the Transbureau, Prof. Ofori affirmed its potential to engage with key public institutions, such as the National Intelligence Bureau, the Criminal Investigation Department, the National Identification Authority, the Judiciary, and other prominent establishments. He highlighted the significance of collaboration to address the prevalence of fraudulent documents in various sectors of the nation.

Earlier, in her welcome address, Prof. Ildiko Csajbok-Twerefou, Head of the Department of Modern Languages, expressed her genuine enthusiasm for the relaunch of the esteemed Translation Office (UG Transbureau). She celebrated the pivotal role language plays in weaving the intricate fabric of human culture, facilitating communication, understanding and empathy across geographical boundaries. Prof. Csajbok-Twerefou applauded the Transbureau for its role in bridging linguistic gaps, fostering connections, and nurturing mutual understanding.

While acknowledging the Transbureau's legacy of excellence, Prof. Csajbok-Twerefou acknowledged the evolving global landscape and emphasised the relaunch as a transformative beginning. The office's embrace of innovation and cutting-edge technologies aims to enhance services, streamline processes, and ultimately offer faster and more efficient assistance.

With a bold vision for the future, the head of the Modern Languages Department disclosed her aspirations to broaden the horizons of the office, expanding into specialised translation services across diverse fields such as medicine, law, technology, and finance. She underscored the importance of collaboration and international partnerships to address linguistic challenges and promote cross-cultural exchanges.

Prof. Ildiko Csajbok-Twerefou, Head of the Department of Modern Languages

The event concluded with a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori and Prof. Ildiko Csajbok-Twerefou, officially inaugurating the revitalised UG Transbureau office.

Goodwill messages were conveyed by collaborative institutions, including the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), Language Service Providers (LSPs), Ghana Association of Translators and Interpreters (GATI) and Freelancers, emphasising the Transbureau's substantial impact. Representatives from  numerous collaborating units in the University, including the International Programmes Office (IPO), School of Graduate Studies (SGS), Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD), Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), Institute of African Studies (IAS), Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA) and the various UG Colleges, also graced the occasion and took turns to deliver goodwill messages.