Dr. Sylvanus K. Kuwor Nominated to IABD International Committee

Dr. Sylvanus K. Kuwor, Anthropo-Choreologist and Head of Department of Dance Studies, School of Performing Arts, has been nominated to serve as a member of the International Committee of Association of Blacks in Dance.

In announcing Dr. Kuwor’s nomination on behalf of the Board of Directors, Denise Saunders Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer for the International Association of Blacks in Dance said:

“The Board recognizes you as an individual who is influential, persistent, meticulous and assertive; in addition to possessing the strength to speak up, the tenacity to follow-through and the maturity to engage in a process that is truly based on commitment of the organization.”

Members of the Committee, the message said, will share understanding, concerns, educational and professional resources as well as raise the membership profile of the global constituency and representation of Blacks in Dance within the IABD.

Hearty Congratulations to Dr. Kuwor for making the School of Performing Arts, the Department of Dance Studies and the University of Ghana proud.