Department of Earth Science Organises Workshop on Earth Science Awareness

Photograph of some participants at the workshop

The Department of Earth Science in collaboration with the Canadian High Commission has held a workshop on Earth Science Awareness Creation for High School teachers. The workshop which is the first of its kind organised by the department was under the theme “Science and The Earth We live in”.

The workshop which was aimed at educating High School science teachers and educators on the relevance of geosciences education was also used to begin a dialogue on the need to promote geoscience education in the second cycle schools through the formation of Earth Science Clubs.

Dr. Yvonne Sena Akosua Loh, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Earth Science and workshop coordinator in her welcome address emphasized on the importance of Earth Science knowledge among the general public. According to her, the menace of the various forms of environmental degradation and pollution especially in the mining sector would be on the low if we knew about the essence of earth science. 

Dr Yvonne Sena Akosua Loh further reiterated that, earth science education will lead to informed decisions that affect the planet, protect its surface, care for its atmosphere, safeguard its water and sustain life. She also indicated that, knowledge of earth science would bring leaders to better care of the earth and promote developments

Alhaji Yakubu Iddirisu, President of the Ghana Institution of Geoscientists, opined that there was the need to understand the basic principle of the earth in order for people to be good ambassadors of the earth. He stated that the earth provides the needs of man as we interact with it from dawn to dusk. Alhaji Yakubu Iddirisu bemoaned a situation of neglect of the earth and said the human race was suffering the consequences.

Alhaji Yakubu Iddirisu also said awareness creation training for High School Teachers was in the right direction and should go beyond the training of Earth Science being included in the curriculum in High Schools. He assured the Ghana Institution of Geoscientists support for the workshop and its activities.

Professor Daniel Asiedu, Provost, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, noted that humans depend on the basic knowledge of geoscience for development. As it provides a better situation to explain the earth and brings about informed decisions. The Provost advocated the integration of geoscience in the curriculum of schools from the basic school to higher levels. He also indicated that, the creation of geoscience school club was also crucial in informing and educating students on the importance of Earth Studies.

Professor Daniel Asiedu further called for the collaboration of faculty with high schools as he assured participants of the College’s support in the formation of high school club in geoscience.

The High Commissioner of Canada, Dr. Heather Cameron in his message, lauded the Department of Earth Science for seeking to educate the populace on the earth as it will help deal with issues such as climate change. According to her, education especially in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields are of great importance to the Canadian High Commission and also falls in the developmental agenda of Canada.

In advocating for the empowerment of women in science education, the High Commissioner, indicated that women’s full and equal participation, especially in the area of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) will lead to increase in productivity and income for women and the society. According to her, students in the second cycle institutions are believed to be the main agents to cause structural social change in the near future.

Dr. Sebastian Narfrah, President Project Finance Africa, in facilitating the topic on Club formation and management stated that, the success of the geoscience club in the various high schools depend on the collaboration between the patrons and the students. He charged the High School teachers to use the knowledge acquired to help in the growth and sustainability of the geoscience club in their various schools.