STEP 1: Open the University of Ghana website: www.ug.edu.gh. At the top most right side of the home page, select STUDENT and select MIS WEB.

STEP 2: On the MIS WEB interface/page, type your STUDENT ID NUMBER and your 4-digit PIN to LOGIN

STEP 3: Click “Registration” on the left side of the screen. 

STEP 4: After carefully going through the “Rules & Regulations”, click “Submit Registration”.

STEP 5: Click “PART S3” under the “Qualification Code” and select “Register for This Qualification”. The list of courses available will appear. Check the box by your required courses. e.g. LNGS 101: Introduction to Linguistics.

STEP 6: Click “Save and Continue”.

STEP 7: On the next interface, take a second look at the courses selected in order to be sure you have selected the right courses and select “Continue” (Click “Restart Process” to make corrections)

STEP 8: Click “Accept Registration” to complete registration.

STEP 9: Print “Proof of Registration”

NB: You can only register for courses if you have paid your academic fees