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Welcome by Head of Department

Welcome to The Department of Economics, one of the Teaching and Research Departments of the School of Social Sciences. The Department continues to produce the needed manpower to serve public, private and international institutions including the University of Ghana. A programme in Economics is an enthralling adventure into the world of business, with money and choices being the protagonists. It encapsulates the daily challenges and choices people make at home or at work. Economics is part of our daily lives because our needs and wants always exceed our limited resources.

The programme will enlighten you on topics like choices and opportunity cost, economic growth and development, public finance, inflation, exchange rate, interest rate, international trade, entrepreneurship to mention but a few and will prepare you for an exciting world of business. Our graduates also find jobs in many of the key sectors of the economy such as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing to mention but a few.  Others proceed to undertake postgraduate studies in Economics, Finance or Business Administration. The Department currently runs a BA, MPhil and PhD in Economics.

William Baah-Boateng (PhD)
Professor of Economics