ECON 454 Public Finance II (Prerequisite: ECON 453)

This course is structured in such a way as to introduce students to the issues on taxation.
Special emphasis is given to issues such as characteristics of a good system, partial and general equilibrium analysis of the impact of different categories of taxes...

ECON 453 Public Finance I (Prerequisite: ECON 311, 312, 313 and 314)

This course is designed to introduce students to issues such as public goods and externalities and government failure.
In addition, issues on public expenditure such as types of public expenditure, components of public expenditure, cause of public...

ECON 452 Industrial Economics II (Prerequisite: ECON 449)

This course continues the discussion of the structure and organization of industries with a discussion of strategic behavior of firms and regulation of firms.
In terms of the former, the issues discussed include coordination in oligopoly markets and price...

ECON 449 Industrial Economics I (Prerequisite: ECON 311 and 312)

The goal of this course is to introduce students to the structure and organization of firms in an industry.
Welfare implications of output and price determination under major market structures (monopoly and perfect competition) are briefly discussed....

ECON 448 International Economics II

This course is complementary to Econ 447 and aims to teach tools for understanding international financial flows for a complete understanding of the workings of the external sector of the economy.
The main areas covered include balance of payments, exchange...

ECON 447 International Economics I (Pre-req: a good background in Microeconomics)

This is an introductory course in international economics. It is designed to introduce students to international trade theory and provide a basis for understanding trade policies.
The course covers major theories of trade (Ricardian, Hecksher-Ohlin and...

ECON 446 Project Work (Prerequisite: ECON445)

Students are expected to write a project based on the analytical skills acquired in ECON445.

ECON 445 Cost Benefit Analysis

This course introduces students to the mechanics of Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA). The course is designed to expose students to the keys issue in CBA including measurements issues, methods for evaluating projects and criteria for choosing between alternative...

ECON 444 Econometrics II (Prerequisite: ECON 315 and 316)

Models Embodying Many Equations: Least squares bias in the estimation of parameters in simultaneous equations systems. Elementary methods of attacking this bias problem.
Indirect Least Squares (ILS); Instrumental Variables (IV); Two Stage Least Squares (TL...

ECON 443 Econometrics I (Prerequisite: ECON 315 and 316)

The Meaning and Purpose of Econometrics: Econometrics of Demand. Econometric demand equations.
Theory of the disturbance term. Cross-sectional analysis, and Engel curves. Econometric Methods: Least Square (LS), Tests of original hypotheses, and analysis of...