The PhD in Development Economics

The PhD in Development Economics is a collaborative programme between the University of Ghana (UG), and the United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER). The programme begins in January each year. The closing date...

Economic Policy Management (EPM) Programme (EPM-Ghana)

The Economic Policy Management (EPM) Programme in Ghana is aimed at strengthening the institutional and human capacity of the Department of Economics at the University of Ghana to offer graduate-level training in Economic Policy Management for mid-career...

ECON 474: Money And Banking II (Pre-req: ECON 473

This course builds on the examination of monetary theory which began in the first semester, with a focus on the role of financial institutions and the conduct of monetary policy.
Financial intermediation, with emphasis on the role of formal financial...

ECON 473: Money And Banking I (Pre-req: ECON 313 and ECON 314)

This is an introductory course in monetary theory.
It begins with the development of modern money from a barter system.
It also focuses on the detailed treatment of the money market in a closed economy with an examination of various theories of the demand...

ECON 472: Labour Economics II (Prerequisite: ECON 469)

The course focuses mainly on the labour market in Ghana.
The course will begin with a discussion of the structure and patterns of employment (unemployment and underemployment) in Ghana. The major labour market institutions and elements of industrial...

ECON 469: Labour Economics I (Prerequisite: ECON 311 and 312)

This course is designed to enable students gain a thorough understanding of the functioning of labour markets.
It focuses mainly on wage determination, the demand for and supply of labour.
The course also exposes students to theories of human capital...

ECON 468 Economic Planning II (Prerequisite: ECON 467)

This is a continuation of the first semester’s course. It extends the discussion on the planning process and on economic planning in Ghana and other developing countries.
The course will further examine differences and similarities among the various...

ECON 467 Economic Planning I (Prerequisite: ECON 311, ECON 312 ECON 313 & 314)

This course focuses on introductory issues in economic planning.
It begins with the political economy debate on the relative roles of the state and market in a developing country setting.
This is followed by a comprehensive discussion of the various issues...

ECON 458 Agricultural Economics II (Prereq: ECON 457)

This course continues the discussion on agriculture in developing countries with a focus on the main issues and problems of agriculture and transformation as well as a discussion of policy measures to address these problems.
The main problems discussed are...

ECON 457 Agricultural Economics I (Pre-req: A good background in Economic Theory)

This course focuses on the economic issues of agriculture in developing countries.
It looks at the structure and organization of agriculture in developing countries and the attendant problems for mechanization, the agricultural production function, pricing...