Research Projects


Major Departmental Research Projects (s) 
• USAID Feed the Future (FtF) project on soybean, maize and rice in 3 regions of  Ghana.
• Breeding and selection of high-quality seeds for improved crop production
• Postharvest Food Safety and Quality assurance
• Use of bio-agents for insect pest management in vegetables
• Hydroponic technology, soilless medium technology and urban agriculture
• Pathogen control in roots and tuber crops
• Domestication of medicinal plants
• Climate Change and indigenous crop species research


List of Major equipment
Hot Air Oven, Leaf area Meter, Hammer Mill, Potable Photosynthesis System

Bio efficacy trials, Product evaluation (agrochemicals), extension services, Training farmers, Sale of Premium high-quality seeds [Legon 18 (chili pepper), Legon Finger (okro) and Legon 1 (garden eggs)]