Welcome Message

Welcome to the Department of Crop Science, one of six departments within the School of Agriculture in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS). It is the largest Department within the school with a relatively large workforce and a high number of total students.  We train students at the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the areas of Crop Science, Horticulture and Post-Harvest Science and Technology.

The Department collaborates with several units within CBAS to regularly review its programmes and conduct research to respond to the changing needs of the society as well as changes in environmental and climatic factors to ensure food security. It also has strong links with major local and international research institutions and Universities. The programmes offered in the department provide its graduates with a strong foundation and a wide range of competencies which enables them to compete effectively on the job markets anywhere.

The teaching faculty, technical and support staff of the Department are very competent, pleasant and results- oriented, ensuring students and stakeholders are placed high on the agenda of all its targeted activities. The Department has as its mission to provide an enabling environment that will attract and maintain high caliber crop scientists to develop quality graduates and strategies for sustaining the production of crops through strengthening of basic and applied research, teaching/training and extension.
You are assured of a significant positive impact should you choose to study in the Department of Crop Science.