About SFAO

The Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO) was necessitated by the increasing number of applications and requests from students for financial assistance. Established in August 2005 the University of Ghana sees the operation of the SFAO as strategic and an integral part of its programmes as it enables needy but bright students to access university education. Financial aid is available to Ghanaian students and is intended to remove the cost barriers that may prevent one from pursuing one’s educational goals.

Financial aid provided by the University involves financial support towards academic fees only. The additional elements would be added as resources become available. Assistance is available from a variety of sources such as funding from Government, the University, and other private sources. Brilliant students who demonstrate significant financial need may qualify for financial aid.

Financial Aid at the University is in the form of a full scholarship, partial scholarship, fee arrangements and, on-campus work-study or part-time job opportunities for students.

In order to qualify to apply for and receive financial aid from the University of Ghana, a student must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a Ghanaian citizen
  2. Be enrolled as a regular student in full time programme of study
  3. Be able to demonstrate financial need
  4. Be brilliant, and
  5. Be making excellent academic progress as determined by the University.

If you are unsure about any of the criteria stated above, please contact the Students Financial Aid Office.

The application process for financial aid for continuing students commences in November of each year. The awards are made by the end of the second semester, to be utilised in the following academic year.


To ensure that financial need is not a barrier to equal access to quality education for bright but needy students.


The SFAO supports the mission of the University to develop world-class human resources with capabilities to meet national development needs, and its aspirations to significantly reduce or eliminate financial barriers that might prohibit or inhibit students' access to the University of Ghana.
We will provide financial assistance to students who, without such assistance, may not be able to readily access or meet educational and other expenditure at the University.


We shall make the scholarship and financial aid process not cumbersome transparent, and credible. We will ensure that assistance is provided in an effective, timely, fair, and equitable manner to all who qualify. Encourage the University to create work-study programmes and opportunities for students. Aggressively engage sustainable fund-raising efforts, activities, and programmes. Encourage the establishment of scholarships schemes by individuals and organizations