AREN 101: Engineering Graphics

Introduction to the history of drawing, drawing instruments, scales, lettering and drawing lines. Orthographic Projections: Points, lines and planes. Projections of points, lines and figures on planes.  Intersections of lines: Intersections of lines with...

AREN 102: Engineering Drawing

Advance Isometric drawing. Graphic presentation of materials’ cross-sections: metals, solid materials, non-metallic, wood (along and across grains), glass, liquid and panel. Machine design drawings: Bolts, nuts, screws thread, auger development....

AREN 201: Engineering Surveying

Definitions and types of surveying.  Principles, field surveying, leveling instruments, differential and profile leveling, contours, map work, scale, reading and interpreting maps. Theodolite and its applications. Description of the Instrument...

AREN 202: Physical and Engineering Properties of Biological Materials

Physical characteristics: Shape, size, weight, volume, surface area, density, porosity, color, appearance, drag coefficient, center of gravity. Mechanical properties: Hardness, compressive strength, tensile strength impact resistance, compressibility, shear...

AREN 203: Introduction to Crop Production

Refer to the College of Basic and Applied Sciences Curriculum for course details of CROP 201: Introduction to Crop Production and prerequisites. CROP 201 is taken inplace of AREN 203 for now.

AREN 204: Internship (Industrial practice II)

Prerequisite: Level 200 standing     
Second year attachment with industry.   

AREN 301: Soil and Crop Mechanics Application to Mechanization

The application of soil mechanics principles to the design of soil engaging equipment for tillage and earthmoving, methods for predicting performance and results of detailed field and laboratory studies on soil profiles and soil disturbance. Physical...

AREN 302: Agricultural Materials Handling

Principles, concepts, definitions and importance, classification of agricultural materials (fluids, semi-fluids unitized).  Conveying - classification of conveying equipment; methods of conveying; types of conveying equipment; reliability of conveyers;...

AREN 303: Animal Production

Refer to College of Basic and Applied Sciences Curriculum for course details and prerequisites.

AREN 304: Soil Mechanics

Classification, Definition, Compaction, Effective Stress, Steady State, Flow nets, Anisotropic flow, One-dimensional compression, One-dimensional settlement, One-dimensional consolidation, Numerical solutions, Elasticity of soils, Settlement of foundations,...