AREN 102: Engineering Drawing


Advance Isometric drawing. Graphic presentation of materials’ cross-sections: metals, solid materials, non-metallic, wood (along and across grains), glass, liquid and panel. Machine design drawings: Bolts, nuts, screws thread, auger development. Dimensioning and tolerance: Lines and symbols, rules for dimensioning, dimensioning methods, dimensioning standard features, limits and tolerances, fit and allowances, notes and specification, surface texture.  Sections and Conventions: Types of sections, section lining, conventional practices, conventional breaks.  Working Drawings: Detail drawings, assembly drawings, part lists. Screw Threads and Fasteners: Thread representation, threaded assemblies, fasteners, keys, rivets. Symbols of machine parts in engineering drawing. Schematic diagrammatic drawings (symbols) in engineering applications: Mechanical elements: forms of drives, aggregations. Hydraulic and pneumatic elements: Basic architectural constructional drawing (building plans phases of building, storey building. Profile of building parts). Electrical and electronic elements   Applications of AutoCAD in engineering drawings.