Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to become a “World Class research-intensive University”.


We will create an enabling environment that makes University of Ghana increasingly relevant to national and global development through cutting-edge research as well as high quality teaching and learning.


  •  Integrity  

   We will demand the highest standard of ourselves to earn the trust of others.

  •  Commitment

   We will be committed to knowledge generation that positively impacts the lives

   of those within and outside our university community.

  •  Respect

      We will provide others with a world class experience that demonstrates our value for

      the diversity and contributions of the members of our community.

  •  Loyalty

      We will demonstrate a strong resolve to give back selflessly to our university.


Strategic Priorities

  •  Research
  •  Teaching and Learning
  •   Internal Stakeholders
  •  Gender and Diversity
  •   Institutional Processes
  •  Financial Performance
  •  Asset Management
  •  Monitoring and Evaluation
  •  External Stakeholders