Head's Welcome


Prof. Francis Gbogbo
(Head of Department)
Welcome Message

Welcome to the Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science (DABCS), one of the oldest in the University of Ghana, which until 2010, operated as the Department of Zoology. Our mandate is to provide the basic biological/zoological background for the medical, agricultural and veterinary sciences, and to research into the variety of tropical animal life, as well as to promote the socio-economic well-being of the people through research into the health factors that militated against the effective pursuit of agriculture and other human activities. We have well-trained and enthusiastic teaching/research and technical staff to execute this mandate as well as running comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various aspects of zoological science, notably ecology, physiology, parasitology, genetics, molecular biology, entomology, animal biology, microbiology, and evolution, among others. Our postgraduate students specialise in one of three disciplines: Parasitology, Biodiversity Studies/Conservation Science and Entomology (Insect Science) at both MPhil and PhD levels. 

A good first degree from this department provides excellent background preparation for postgraduate studies in this Department as well as other related departments in this university and beyond, in areas such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Wildlife/Range Management, Marine and Fisheries Sciences, Agriculture, Biodiversity/ Environmental Conservation, among others. Postgraduate training in the above areas provides excellent expertise for future careers both nationally and internationally in the areas of teaching, research, and administration. We maintain links with several major local and international universities and research institutions to facilitate the above training.

We welcome you to this Department and with the firm belief that your stay with us will be both academically and socially rewarding.