Research Publications

Asumeng, M. A.
Managers’ performance feedback seeking behaviour: A psychological Analysis. The impact of performance feedback on the development of managerial competencies within the domain of intrapersonal, interpersonal, leadership and career skills. The design, implementation and evaluation of Multi-Source-Multi-Rater (MSMR/360-degree)/Upward feedback techniques for management development.
Afrifa, A.
Human Growth and Development. Institute of Adult Education. Distant Learning Series (in progress). Aptitude Test for Commission into Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Military Academy
Akotia, C. S.
Cross-cultural studies on suicide and suicide prevention Gender role attitudes among Ghanaians
Abdul-Nasiru, I.
The influence of Autonomy on Personal Growth among Employees in the Banking Sector. Influence of Long Service and Age on Organisational commitment among Public Sector Employees Emotional Intelligence and Self-Esteem among Security Officers. Emotional intelligence among employees in the banking and nonbanking financial institutions.
Danquah, S. A.
The pattern of Depressive Symptoms, similarities and differences among collectivistic and individualistic cultures (a cross-cultural study).
Amponsah, B.
Development of Aptitude Tests Book Project: Tutorials in Cognitive Psychology The influence of daylight on sleep, sleepiness, fatigue and mood