PHYS466: Physics at the Nanoscale

Carbon Nanotubes: Carbon allotropes; Synthesis and production techniques of carbon nanotubes. Physical properties of carbon nanotubes; Functionalisation, dispersion, separation, and characterisation of carbon nanotubes; Applications: Polymer- and metal-...

PHYS410: Project Work

Students undertake a limited research project under supervision of a Senior Member. A final report is required. Students are expected to report on their findings at a departmental seminar.

PHYS468: Introduction to Cosmology and Astrophysics

Modern view of the Universe, Astronomical nomenclature and conventions, Order of magnitude reasoning, Stars and Stellar evolution, Galaxies and Large-Scale structures. Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology.

PHYS401: Seminar I

Students attend weekly seminars and present proposals for their research project.

PHYS402: Seminar II

Students attend weekly seminars and report on their research findings.

PHYS443: Physics of Large Systems II

Probability distribution functions; velocity distributions; distributions in phase space; transport phenomena; fluctuation; Statistical Mechanics; ensembles and distribution functions; entropy and ensembles; the micro-canonical ensemble; the canonical...

PHYS446: Nuclear Physics II

Nuclear properties: nuclear sizes, masses, densities, and abundances; Nuclear models; nuclear reactions; nuclear fission and fusion; nuclear reactors

PHYS447: Electronics II

Multivibrators (SR, D, JK and T-type flip-flops), Counters, Shift registers, Semiconductor memories, Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers

PHYS448: Particle Physics

Elementary particles and their interactions; hadrons and electrons, spin and anti-particles, conservation laws, quark model, field particles, electro-weak theory, standard model, grand unification theory

PHYS449: Physics of Solids II

Lattice translation vectors, symmetry operations; types of lattices; simple crystal structures; crystal diffraction and the reciprocal lattice; Bragg's Law; reciprocal lattice vectors; Brillouin zones; Lattice vibrations; Lattice heat capacity; thermal...