Call for Papers for Special Issue on Galamsey

Starting August 18, 2023 - Ending August 18, 2024

You are invited to submit a paper for possible inclusion in a special issue of the Health Sciences Investigations (HSI) Journal on the theme “Effects of Galamsey”.



Galamsey is a local Ghanaian parlance that means illegal small-scale, gold mining. Its effects on the environment are dire. It is largely responsible for land degradation, and water pollution among other forms of environmental damage. It is also associated with health hazards such as mercury poisoning and displacement among others.



This special issue aims to explore the multifaceted effects of galamsey, with a focus on understanding its health, environmental, and socio-economic implications.


Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Health risks and birth defects associated with exposure to galamsey-related Pollutants

· Environmental degradation caused by Galamsey activities

· Impact of Galamsey on water resources and aquatic ecosystems

· Socio-economic consequences of illegal mining on local communities


Paper submission deadline: 31st October 2023



We allow three months from the initial Call for Papers to the final submission deadline. After the deadline, the Special Issue will no longer accept new submissions.


Manuscript submission information:

All manuscripts will be submitted via the Journal’s online submission platform ( Please click “Submit Manuscript” and follow the instructions given on the screen. Authors should indicate that the paper is submitted for consideration for publication in this special issue.


Authors should note that all papers will be subject to the HSI Journal’s peer review process to ensure quality and relevance. For more information on our editorial policies, please see our guide for authors.


Contact Information: Please feel free to contact us via if you need any further clarification.


Your work and insight in this area would be very valuable for this special issue and we hope you would be willing to prepare an article to be included in the issue.


The journal welcomes articles, case reports and commentaries in line with the Journal’s editorial policy set out.