2021 Career Week Celebrations - Careers and Counselling Centre

Starting February 22, 2021 - Ending February 22, 2022
Dear all,
University of Ghana Careers and Counselling Centre is organizing its annual Career Week...This year's Career week programme will be done via Zoom and we have some HR professionals to have some discussions with you.....
Join us via Zoom on the links below
Day One:
Topic: Seeking Employment Under Covid-19 Conditions; What Job Seekers Should Know.
Guest Speaker: Daniel Awuku Danquah (Mr.)
Recruitment & Training Manager(Total Ghana)
Join Zoom Meeting for 25th February. 
Meeting ID: 643 9518 3761
Passcode: 481134
Day Two:
Topic: Job Prospects in the Covid-19 Era
Guest Speaker: Samuel Incoom (Mr.)
Sales Coach, ROAM Africa. (Jobberman)
Join Zoom Meeting on 26th February 
Meeting ID: 628 1751 7000
Passcode: 280094
11 am on both days. 
Join us for an interactive session.
Please check the flyer for more details.