POLI 111: Introduction to the study of Political Science

Definition(s) of Political Science; nature, scope. key approaches to the study of Political Science; outline of the various branches of Political Science and some basic political processes - including rule making, policy making, rule application and rule...

* POLI 465: Policy Monitoring and Evaluation

The course will examine the concepts of monitoring and evaluation; types of monitoring and evaluation; the role of evaluators; criteria and techniques for policy monitoring and evaluation and case studies.

POLI 472: Public Finance Administration

The course will deal with Public finance policy; welfare criteria and market failure; public and private goods; collective decision making and the search for the public interest; public expenditure growth; the basic concepts in taxation and problems of tax...

POLI 444: Electoral Politics and Democracy in Ghana

The course is a study of the factors shaping electoral politics – social, structural, political factors; changing patterns of electoral politics; meaning of elections and democracy; the interplay between the dynamics of elections and democracy etc.