POLI 476: Politics of the Industrialized Countries – Europe/North America

This is a study of the institutional, economic and social politics on the region using 2 countries as examples.

POLI 474: Politics in Developing Countries – Northern Africa

The course is a study of the institutional, economic and social bases of politics (both internal and external) of the region using 2 countries as examples.

POLI 468: Human Rights in Africa

The course will look at Theories of human rights, human rights instruments, institutions and practices; global response to human rights issues, migration.

POLI 467: The Military and Politics in Ghana

The course explores factors determining military intervention in politics and disengagement; social economic and political consequences of military regimes.

POLI 466: Politics of Constitution-Making in Ghana

The course examines the purpose and functions of constitutions; historical, political and economic factors and social forces that shape constitutions; the process of constitution-making, its dynamics, the issues and contexts; models of constitution-making...

POLI 464: Politics and the Bureaucracy in Africa

The course will deal with the State, clientelism, prebendalism, corruption and their impact on bureaucracy, appointment and training etc.

POLI 463: Modern African Thinkers

The course will be a survey of African Political Thought regarding Pan-Africanism, Negritude, Nationalism, Socialism and Development as expounded by Senghor, Nkrumah, Toure, Nyerere, Cabral, Kaunda, Awolowo, Azikiwe, Fanon, et

POLI 462: Public Sector Reforms and Social Development

The course will focus on analyses of the role the public sector in social development; costs and benefits; changing structure of, and perspectives on, the public sector; its political dynamics and impact on social development.

POLI 461: U.S. Policy towards Africa

This is an overview and analysis of US policy towards Africa and the factors that shape them.

POLI 459: Decentralization and Local Governance

The course deals with the structure, nature and patterns of local politics; local governance and administration - structure, practice and problems