POLI 358: Conflict and Society in Africa

The course focuses on the Structure and effects of conflicts; refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and other vulnerable groups –women, children, the disabled, the aged, etc.

POLI 357: Organization Theory

The focus of the course will be the structure and functioning of organizations and the behaviour of groups and individuals within them. Theories of organisation, e.g. structural, group/behavioural, individual, decision making and policy analysis as well as...

POLI 356: Strategies of Development in Africa

The course will involve discussion of main approaches to development including the neo-liberal, import substitution industrialization, export-led industrialization, state-led industrialization, basic needs approach, ERP/SAPs, HIPC, African-based strategies...

POLI 355: Identities and Conflicts in Africa

This course will explore theories of identity, identity crisis and governance and their impact on the state, constitutions, development – civil wars, ethnic and religious strives, minority conflicts – with case studies.

POLI 354: State-Society Relations in Ghana since Independence

The changing relations between the state and society; the underlying factors (including civil society, military coups); implications for democracy and human security will be explored.

POLI 353: Theories of Development and Underdevelopment

The course will provide a review of some of the main works on the theories of development and underdevelopment –classical, liberal and Marxist theories; Rostow, Frank, Amin, Wallerstein.

POLI 352: Issues in Comparative Politics

Current and pertinent issues in the study of comparative politics will be considered.

POLI 351: Africa: Political Economy of Colonialism

The course will be on the forces that shaped the colonization of Africa; colonialism and its social, economic and political impact on Africa; liberation movements, struggles for independence.

POLI 349: Ghana from Colonialism to Independence

The course will focus on analyses of colonial policies and their impact – social, economic and political; the anti-colonial struggle.

POLI 348: Regional Integration

This will be an explanation of Changing patterns and structure of integration globally; analyses and assessment of the African experience