POLI 367: Introduction to American Politics

This course will explore the workings of the federal system of government in theory, practice and structure.

POLI 366: Politics and Civil Society in Ghana

The idea and emergence of civil society; theories of civil society; civil society and protection of human rights and democratic values.

POLI 365: Environmental Politics

This is a study of changing patterns of resource extraction and their impact of environmental sustainability; international conventions, community rights and environmental movements; conflicts and livelihoods.

POLI 364: Public Policy Process in Ghana

This course is a study of the processes of public policy making as a complex interplay of social interests and factors, lobbying; advocacy, coalition building.

POLI 364: Methods of Political Research

The course will introduce students to inductive and deductive methods; research designexperimental, Non-experimental (e.g. case study) design etc: formulating a research question or problem, and explaining or defining the problem – independent and...

POLI 363: Terrorism and Global Security

This course will cover traditional theories of global security; changing patterns of security; emergence of terrorist networks – origins, nature, methods/processes and impact on global security.

POLI 362: Development Administration

The nature and scope of development and development administration; administrative reform and innovation etc will be on focus.

POLI 362: Modern Western Political Thought

This is a study of selected European thinkers Bodin, Montesquieu and James Madison on the rise of modern state, and the separation of powers and grounds of political obligation and civil disobedience by Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau etc.

POLI 361: Governance and Leadership

The course will look at the concept of governance, leadership, theories, forms of leadership – traditional, corporate, political etc; relationships between governance and leadership; the role of governance and leadership in promoting development;...

POLI 359: Public Policy Makings

Models of public policy making and implementation; policy environment; policy networks and communities; conditions to effective public policy making will be the focus.