POLI 458: Politics of Identity in Ghana

The course will deal with ethnic, regional, religious and other factors shaping forms of political action and alignments and forms of state response.

POLI 457: Human Resource Development and Management

Students will be exposed to the nature and scope of human resource management (HRM); the context of HRM; the politics of labour laws; trade unions and industrial relations; employee resourcing and careers; motivating employees, financial rewards and...

POLI 456: NGOs and Development in Africa

The course will examined the crisis of the state and development in Africa, emergence of NGOs – the international and national dimensions/factors, the role of NGOs and the state in grassroots and national development

POLI 455: Post- Conflict Peace-Building and Transitional Justice

The course focuses on issues of post-conflict reconstruction and security - arms proliferation, drug trafficking, mercenaries as well as institutions of transitional justice - International Criminal Court, Truth Commissions, Special courts and tribunals....

POLI 454: Civil-Military Relations in Africa

The course will explore Theories of civil- military relations; patterns of civil military relations in African countries under colonial rule, and in post colonial African countries – a comparative analysis of formal mechanisms and institutions of civil...

POLI 453: Gender and Politics

This course will include topics such as theories of gender relations; sexual hierarchy and sexual division of labour, domination and subordination in private and public domains; gender an the problem of access, acquisition, distribution and control of assets/...

POLI 452: Political and Economic Reform and Democracy in Africa

The course deals with topics such as the politics of reform and the transition to democracy – internal and external influences; nature of democracy, forms of existing democracy; factors shaping democratic practices and problems and challenges.

POLI 451: Markets, Politics and Society in Ghana

This course will be a study of the interface between market reforms, politics and society, in particular the changing constitution of the state and effects on human rights; changing social relations, notions of rights and responsibilities.

POLI 449: Politics in Developing Countries – Western Africa

This course is designed as a study of the institutional, economic and social bases of politics (both internal and external) of the region using 2 countries as examples.

POLI 448: Issues in Africa’s International Relations

This course is a study of current trends and forces that shape Africa’s relations in the global system, e.g., Globalisation, NEPAD, Human Security, Debt, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Arms proliferation, WTO etc.