The objective of the course is to help students broaden their knowledge on biogeochemical processes occurring in the marine environment. Students will be made to understand the phenology of some chemical elements of life. Carefully selected areas that students need to comprehensively understand and grasp include: Redox chemistry of seawater; Chemistry of marine sediments; Geologic resources (deposits); Metal biogeochemistry; Organic biogeochemistry; Hydrothermal vent chemistry; Biogeochemical cycles; Influence of biogeochemistry on ecology; Biogeochemistry of marine ecosystems; The role of the ocean carbon cycle in global change; The phenomenon of ocean acidification; Continental margin exchanges, etc.; Impact of climate change and feedback processes on the ocean carbon cycle, etc.; Fertilizing the sea as a solution to global warming and other current issues in greenhouse effects; Petroleum biogeochemistry; and Pharmaceuticals and other natural products from the sea.