• The African Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society announce African recipients of 2020 FLAIR fellowships
  • Coastal and shelf processes in Ghana; Assessment of primary productivity using remote sensing and continuous plankton recorders; Modelling nutrient export from watersheds to coastal environment; Time series analysis of marine zooplankton in the Gulf of Guinea.
  • Research for the conservation of the West African manatee, Trichechus senegalensis in the Volta basin; Research for the conservation of dolphins in the coastal waters of Ghana; Studies for the conservation and management of chondrichthyan fisheries in Ghanaian coastal waters; Identification of potential impacts associated with the harvesting of timber on the fisheries of Lake Volta; Fisheries resource dynamics and assessment in reservoirs of Ghana.
  • Coastal management; Marine benthic biodiversity and ecology; Aquatic pollution(ecotoxicology and bio-monitoring); Climate change and coastal zones; Fishery ecology; Sea turtle nesting and distribution; Environmental impact assessment and management; Governability of aquatic resources exploitation systems; Ocean data management.
  • Waterbirds-fisheries interactions in coastal wetlands; Dynamics of poverty in Small-scale fisheries of Ghana; Reproductive biology of Carangids landed in Ghana; Population dynamics of Pseudotholithus spp. Caught beach seines in Togo; Evaluation of the nutrient content of sea urchins for human consumption; Impacts of ‘trash fish’ trade on the Ghanaian fishing industry.
  • Neutron activation analysis of heavy metals in fish species from Ghanaian coastal waters; Organochlorine pesticide analysis in fishes from Ghanaian coastal waters.
  • Land based activities and its influences on nutrient export into aquatic systems; Water quality and social/ecological impacts.
  • Aspects of the ecology of the blue swimming crab; Callinectes amnicola in the Sakumo II Lagoon, Accra; Tilapia production in mined-out pits in Obuasi, Ghana.
  • Post construction impact assessment of the Keta Sea Defence project; Effect of shoreline change on sea turtle nesting activities; Hydrological studies of coastal lagoons.
  • Functional Assemblages and Community Structure of Soft-bottom marine macrobenthic fauna in the Guinea Current Ecosystem; Shorebirds monitoring at Sakumo II lagoon; Sea surface temperature monitoring at Takoradi harbour.
  • Comparative toxic effect of selected plant mateterials on Oreochromis niloticus (Linaeus 1758).