Student Exchange/Study Abroad

     Application Deadline for Second Semester 2014/2015 - November 1, 2014


   2015/2016 Application Deadlines:

    First Semester (August-December) - March 15
    Second Semester (January-May)      - August 31

Exchange students must consult the prospectus for undergraduate courses:

Please note:

  • Visiting undergraduate students are only allowed to take courses at levels 200 to 400.

Coding and Numbering Of Courses

All degree programmes have alphanumerical codes beginning; the first 4 letters stand for a department or subject, followed by a 3 digit number in one of the following ranges.


Level 100 (First year) courses: 




Level 200 (Second year) courses:




Level 300 (Third year) courses:




Level 400 (Fourth year) courses:




The third digit in the number code is:

  • Zero (0) for a course that is offered over both semesters (Aug to May/June)*
  • Odd (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9) for a course offered in the first semester (Aug-Dec)*
  • Even (2, 4, 6 or 8) for a course offered in the second semester (Jan-May/June)*



One (1) course credit is defined as:

  • One hour lecture per week for a semester
  • One hour tutorial per week for a semester
  • One practical session of two or three hours per week for a semester
  • Six hours of field work per week for a semester

Course SelectionThough all courses advertised in  the University of Ghana Handbooks are on offer, students are advised to CONSULT the International Programmes Office before selecting their courses.

***Kindly refer to the University Handbooks for Bachelors Degree (Humanities/ Sciences/ Health Sciences) for more information on regulations for the Bachelors Degree as well as courses offered.