Welcome by Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of History.  History is a central Social Science upon which all other Social Science Disciplines feed.  It provides a store of knowledge on the past, and helps individuals and societies to know their political, economic, social and cultural roots to enable then interpret appropriately any changes that would occur through time and space.  By studying past events, History helps us to understand the motivations for the actions of people in the circumstances in which they find themselves.

History is also a liberating force: it allows one to escape the confinement of time and place, and challenges one to try and understand the thoughts and actions of people living in different times under different circumstances. History endows our present lives with meaning, identity and a sense of purpose.  In examining the wide variety of past societies and cultures, one can analyze what objectives have been met and what interests have been served by different types of political and economic institutions.  This allows one to make judgements about the relative merit, morality and justice of various systems and actions in the past.  For these reasons, History often serves as the context of scholarship in many Humanities Disciplines.

In the teaching and research activities of the Department of History, we focus especially on the History of Ghana, Africa and more broadly on World History detailing regionally for example Europe, U.S.A., China, Japan etc,. We also indicate that it is impossible to understand the African Continent's twenty first century opportunities and challenges without understanding how these have been shaped by the historical events and processes of past centuries.

In addition, the Department of History offers courses on Thematic Issues from a Historical perspective such as Gender, Medicine, Economics, Slavery, the Diaspora, Wars and Conflicts,Intellectual Traditions, Science and Technology, Diplomacy, Nationalism and so on.



Head of Department

Dr. Emmanuel Ofosu-Mensah Ababio

BA, MA, Ph.D. (Ghana) 

Email: eaofosu-mensah@ug.edu.gh