SENG 302: Statistics for Engineers


Objective: This course introduces students to the concept of probability and statistics for engineering application.

Description: Topics include probability functions axioms and rules, counting techniques, conditional probability, independence, and mutually exclusive events. Discrete Random Variable: Expectation and variance, Binomial distribution, Hypergeometric distribution, Poisson distribution, the relationship between Poisson and Binomial. Continuous Random Variable: Percentiles and cumulative distribution function, expectation and variance, uniform distribution, normal distribution, exponential distribution, and other distributions. Joint Distributions. Covariance and Correlation. Sampling Distributions: Distributions of statistics, central limit theorem, samples from normal distribution (t-distribution, X2 distribution, and F-distributions). Estimation: Common point estimators, interval estimators. Hypothesis Testing. Introduction to Regression Analysis. Engineering applications in quality control, process control, communication systems and speech recognition.