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The food process industry is a fast-developing industry globally. There is an increasing demand for quality, safe and convenient processed foods on the market hence the need to improve efficiency in food processing techniques and revamp the local food processing industry.

The food process engineering department since its inception seeks to offer students a broad engineering education through its Undergraduate and Graduate Programs to apply this knowledge to handling, processing, storing, packaging, marketing and distribution of foods. This application stems from fundamentals in areas such as engineering mathematics, process control and optimization, product and process development as well as knowledge in the chemical, biochemical, physical and microbiological characteristics of food.

Our programme has been designed to be as practical as possible through laboratory sessions, field trips, internships and capstone projects to make sure our students are capable of solving critical engineering problems in the food industry or start their own businesses.

We hope you consider joining us on this exciting journey of developing and training world class food process engineers. We invite you to navigate our website to explore our interesting curricular and student activities.