Graduate Courses

Admission Requirements
The minimum entry requirement for admission into the MA Sandwich programme is any good bachelor’s degree (at least a second class lower) from a recognized university. Interviews...

ENGL 484 Advanced Practice in Criticism

This course builds on the foundations laid in ENGL343. Through small group discussions of selected texts, it aims to help students become more aware of the assumptions and frameworks underpinning their reading of particular examples of literature even as they...

ENGL 476 Literature in Translation

The course will:

look at both prose and poetry that have been translated into the English language.
consider the peculiar difficulty involved in translating an English text into a Ghanaian language
look at the peculiar differences that exist between...

ENGL 470 Advanced Creative Writing (YEAR-LONG COURSE)

This course is a follow-up to ENGL 364 to be reserved for a handful of students who would have demonstrated a strong potential for developing their individual creative writing projects into publishable manuscripts. It is a two-semester conference course in...


ENGL 458 Life Story

The course will begin with an examination of some of the most original and influential examples of memoir and life story writing such as Caesar’s Gallic Wars (De Bello Gallico), Confessions of St. Augustine, and Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson LL...

ENGL 449 The Language of Religion

This course will study the recurring structures in religious tracts, sermons and other such religious texts. It will also consider meaning mechanisms and the effects they are expected to produce. It will include a study of logic on the one hand, and rhetoric...

ENGL 439 Studies in African Poetry

This is an exploratory course on the oral and written forms of African poetry. It includes the study of the developments in African poetry in the European languages from the early writers through the periods of negritude to the present.

ENGL 438 Masterpieces of American Literature

This course introduces the students to literary works that stand out prominently from the American literary landscape. The course, therefore, deals with works of a kind and magnitude that have rendered them conspicuous, and which in various ways have provided...

ENGL 437 Studies in African Drama

The course traces the development of African Drama from the traditional to the modern. It explores the relationship between traditional African dramatic forms and western forms and how playwrights have attempted to manage the two traditions and to theorize...