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Abena Daagye Oduro

Abena D. Oduro is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, University of Ghana. She holds an MLitt. in Economics from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Her main areas of research are poverty and inequality analysis, gender and assets, unpaid care work, international trade policy and WTO issues.

She is a member of the African Centre for Excellence in Inequality Research (ACEIR).

Areas of Specialisation: Gender and Assets, Poverty Analysis, Inequality Analysis, Unpaid Care Work, International Trade Policy.

Courses Taught: ECON 447 International Economics I, ECON 448 International Economics II, Econ 613 International Economics I, ECONS 614 International Economics II, ECON 708 Advanced International Economics II.

Current Research: Unpaid Care Work, Inequality Analysis

Current Publications:

1. Acheampong, V. & Oduro, A. D. (forthcoming). Gender and Development. In P. Carmody & J. T. Murphy (Eds.). Handbook of African development. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

2. Oduro, A. D. & Swaminathan, H. (forthcoming). Individualising wealth and asset measures in the global south: Challenges and new directions for research. In F. Bennet, S. Avram & S. Austen (Eds.) A research agenda for financial resources within the household. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

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Abena Daagye Oduro
Associate Professor in Economics and Chairperson of Graduate Committee
M. Litt. (Political Economy)
poverty and inequality analysis, gender analysis, intra-household analysis, international trade policy.