International Day Of Older Persons

The Center for Ageing Studies celebrated International Day of Older Persons on Tuesday 1st October, 2019 at the Great Hall, University of Ghana, Legon. The theme for this year was “The Future We Want: What Older Persons Are Saying”. The program brought together academics, stakeholders, NGO’s and more than 400 elderly members of the Ghanaian society to discuss the way forward and how we can promote a healthy and inclusive society for all ages. They were taken through lectures on wellness and they were given the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences. Other activities included dance exercises which were accompanied by entertaining music from brass band; and also food and drinks were shared.

The Centre received support from Samuel Amo Tobin Foundation, Obibini Blackman Company Limited, Walk with Pearls and MTN to make the celebration a success.

The elderly persons taken through some series of health screening



A session of dance exercises enjoyed by the elderly persons at the program