FAEN 106 - (Applied Electricity )

Main block


Foundations of electricity: charge, voltage, current, power and energy, computation of power and energy for electrical gadgets and household, simple billing calculations. Electricity supply: definition and characteristics of AC and DC voltages and currents and their applications, calculation of Instantaneous, RMS and Average voltage and current values and their relevance. Transformer: definition and components of a transformer, principle of operation, ideal transformer and characteristics, transformer types and ratings used by utilities in Ghana. AC circuit systems: definition of 1-phase 2-phase and 3-phase circuit systems, voltage and current relationship between the circuit systems, sample voltage drop and line loss calculation for electricity supply from source to destination. Electricity supply: electricity utilities and functional roles, electricity generation sources, hydro power generation process, transmission process, distribution process to users in Ghana. Power factor: definition and relevance, active power, reactive power, and apparent power, calculation of power factor and correction. Electric Motors: components of an electric motor, basic principle of operation, motor types and applications. Electrical Safety: importance of electrical safety, shock current, common sources of hazards, safe practices.