Objectives and Vision

Main block


The mission is to provide our student with outstanding and innovative engineering education that reflect the attributes of the University of Ghana to compete successfully in the job market, and to conduct leading research that will serve the people of Ghana and the global world.


The vision of the Department is to achieve excellence in undergraduate education, graduate education, research, and public service. In pursuit of this, the Department has sort to:

  • attract, train and retain outstanding students, faculty, and staff;
  • foster innovation in research that will advance the industrial base of Ghana;
  • develop infrastructure necessary to achieve the academic and research goals;
  • foster interdisciplinary research within the department and with other disciplines in the University;
  • promote strong relationships with industry and foster entrepreneurship spirit among the faculty and students;
  • facilitate establishment of a Computing and ICT research conference and annual open-day sessions to make visible the technological contributions of both faculty and students of the Department;
  • facilitate the establishment of research and developmental park for both mature technical companies and start-ups to provide direct support to teaching, faculty, and the programme;