Dr. Robert (Bob) O. Manteaw


Robert (Bob) O. Manteaw [BA (Cape Coast), MSc (London), MA (Ohio, U.S.A) PhD (Pullman, U.S.A)]

Senior Research Fellow

Email: rmanteaw@ug.edu.gh

I am an interdisciplinary scholar whose scholarship converges at the intersections of contemporary sustainable development thinking and practice. My works transcend both the social and natural sciences with a view to exploring and mobilizing relevant evidence as knowledge to inform policy and practice in diverse contexts and at multi-scales. With knowledge, skills and experiences drawn from years of high-impact leadership performances from academia, government policy, private sector, and international development from both developing and developed country contexts, my works are informed by a 360°--worldview and rare functional agility that enriches my roles as a researcher, educator, and development practitioner. In all instances I strive to leverage my complementary skill set to catalyze learning for climate and socio-ecological transformations.

Areas of Interest and Expertise:

  • Climate Adaptation Governance
  • Climate Change Education & Communication
  • Environmental Learning
  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Foresight & Scenarios Science
  • Climate Adaptation Knowledge Brokerage
  • Socio-Ecological Systems Resilience
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Planetary Health (Climate Change and Health)


Teaching Overview:

My interdisciplinary background facilitates my versatility in teaching diverse courses and subjects from a range of disciplines. I learn to teach, and I teach to learn. I currently teach two graduate courses:

  • CCSD 605 Environmental Sustainability and Impact Evaluation
  • CCSD 604: Climate Change Policies and Legal Frameworks


Selected Academic Publications

 Refereed Journal Articles

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  • Manteaw, B. O. (2019). Climate-Informed Decision Making in Data-Poor Environments: Enhancing climate risk management through knowledge co-Producing networks in Africa. Published In Conference Proceedings for African Climate Risks Conference 2019. African Climate Risks Conference. SouthSouthNorth. Cape Town, South Africa.
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