Our Mandate and Objectives


Our programmes are exciting and demand-driven and they combine to facilitate the vigorous pursuit of the overall mandate of the Centre:
to lead the development of research, human resources and the building of institutional capacity to tackle climate change impacts and related sustainability issues.



The Centre’s specific objectives are to:

  • coordinate and promote climate change and sustainability research and advocacy at the University of Ghana
  • facilitate and support research in the areas of climate science, climate change assessment, mitigation and adaptation, thereby contributing to Ghana’s ability to respond to the challenges and opportunities provided by climate change
  • develop and deliver graduate (Masters and Ph.D.) level training programmes and short courses, as well as strengthen the delivery of existing programme, to enhance the human resource capacity and expertise in climate change and sustainability science
  • disseminate knowledge and promote awareness and targeted advocacy to influence policy and interventions on climate change and sustainability issues in Ghana

Pursuing these expressed objectives make the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies a focal point for teaching, learning and research excellence in sustainable development and climate change within the University of Ghana and across the West African sub-region.

The creation of the Centre is therefore not only timely, but also strategic as its stated mandate converges with the University of Ghana’s strategic goal of becoming a centre of excellence in global environmental change, with capabilities to contribute effectively to climate change adaptation in Ghana for sustainable development.