Virtual Launch of UG Makerspace

Starting July 30, 2020 - Ending July 30, 2021


A Makerspace is a 21st Century innovative space deliberately designed and equipped to engage curious minds to create solutions to emerging societal challenges. Since the early 2000s, universities world over have adopted Makerspaces to diversify the skillsets of their students. The Makerspaces are equipped with equipment and tools from as basic as craft pins to complex machines assembled in stimulating environments that are intended to excite young people to practicalize their ideas. The ultimate is to tap into the diverse interests, passions, and strengths in our students and the community

The University of Ghana (UG) through its internal collaborators envisaged the Makerspace concept as a viable project that can be leveraged on to tap ideas and proffer solutions to the needs of our communities. This project has gone through conceptualization, reviewing and needs assessment phases taking lessons from our partners including: Impact Hub Accra, Kumasi Hive and Berlin University of the Arts.

Our next stage is the Operationalization which requires funding (approximately $2 million). The UG makerspace is committed to a humble beginning using our current labs and space plus the excitement generated and success projects to invite funding collaborators

UG Makerspace Team